The Struggle

Well, I don't have to tell anyone the economy is bad right now. Times are tough and they don't seem to be getting any better. Jobs are scarce, people are being forced to file bankruptcy, sell their homes and move to apartments and trade in their new cars for used ones. If you are someone that has a job where you feel secure, then consider yourself lucky. Any job is a good job to have right now. Even if you are at a job where you are unhappy or that doesn't pay the greatest wages. If you have a secure job and are happy there then you are in excellent shape. But for those of us who are facing unemployment and low paying dead end jobs, life is a struggle. Credit card debts, Car Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Mortgages or Rent, putting food on the table. All these things are very stressful when we don't have a job where we make enough to pay them or worse yet no job at all. All we can do is keep pushing and keep doing what we can to survive. I pray things eventually get better for those of us dealing with these hardships.

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